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February 1, 1974 (74003)
CPSC Warns Of Potentially Fatal Shock Hazard From 12-Volt Battery Charger

January 5, 1974 (74026)
CPSC Warns Consumers Of Possible Contamination Of Goatskin Products

December 9, 1973 (73043)
CPSC Warns Of Butane Refill Danger

November 21, 1973 (73042)
CPSC Warning of Dangers From "Rogers" Disposal Adjustable Butane Lighter

November 10, 1973 (73039)
CPSC Warns Of Fire Hazard In Decorative Fireplace Units

September 14, 1973 (73021)
CPSC Warns Of Possible Fire Hazard 12,000 Zenith Color Tv Sets

August 28, 1973 (73017)
CPSC Bans Nine Additional Aerosol Spray Adhesives--Reaffirms Recommendation To Consumers To Discontinue Use Of Aerosol Spray Glues

August 20, 1973 (73014)
CPSC Bans Three Spray Adhesives-- Asks Manufacturers Of Others To Halt Production

June 8, 1973 (73003)
Consumer Product Safety Commission Says Some Tappan Built-In Ovens May Pose Hazard To Consumers

December 31, 1969 (14229)
GSK Recalls Panadol Advance Bottles Due to Failure to Meet Child-Resistant Closure Requirement; Sold Exclusively in Puerto Rico