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Battery pack removal guide

March 30, 2016 (16131)
Toshiba Recalls Laptop Computer Battery Packs Due to Burn and Fire Hazards
Carabiner Picture 1

March 30, 2016 (16130)
Black Diamond Recalls to Inspect Carabiners Due to Fall Hazard
Fiskars 32-Inch Bypass Lopper Shears

March 28, 2016 (16124)
Additional Injuries Prompt Reannouncement of Fiskars Recall of Bypass Lopper Shears Due to Laceration Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Home Depot
Panasonic CF-S10 Series laptop computer

March 21, 2016 (16126)
Panasonic Recalls Lithium-ion Laptop Battery Packs Due to Fire Hazard
CompuTrainer Blue Flywheel

March 18, 2016 (16125)
RacerMate Recalls CompuTrainer Blue Flywheels Due to Risk of Injury
Gothem floor lamp

March 18, 2016 (16123)
IKEA Recalls Floor and Table Lamps due to Shock Hazard
Date code location

March 16, 2016 (16120)
GE Lighting Recalls High-Intensity LED Replacement Lamps Due to Impact Hazard
ZIPP 88v6, v7 and v8 flange ring and clinch nut

March 16, 2016 (16122)
SRAM Recalls Zipp Bicycle Wheel Hubs Due to Crash and Injury Hazards
Only quick releases without a marking at the center of the underside of the lever are included in this recall.

March 16, 2016 (16121)
SRAM Recalls Zipp Bicycle Quick Releases Due to Crash and Injury Hazards
1-inch Marina Hose

March 15, 2016 (16119)
Franklin Fueling Systems Recalls Gas Station Hose/Swivel Fitting Sets Due to Fire, Explosion Hazards
Brass-Plated Snap Hooks (broken one on the right)

March 10, 2016 (16732)
Anchor Industries Recalls Safety Pool Covers Due to Drowning Risk (Recall Alert)
Carlin Brand Burner on Boiler

March 10, 2016 (16731)
Carlin Recalls Williamson and Thermoflo Furnaces and Boilers Equipped with Carlin Burners Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)
KYMCO utility vehicle model 450i (blue, red and black)

March 9, 2016 (16730)
KYMCO Recalls Utility Vehicles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)
Sample 1 decorative wall plates

March 8, 2016 (16115)
Liberty Hardware Recalls Decorative Metal Wall Plates Due to Shock and Fire Hazard
Pelican Flashlight

March 3, 2016 (16113)
Pelican Products Recalls Flashlights and Replacement Battery Packs Due to Fire Hazard
Label on Bottom

March 2, 2016 (16112)
Illume Recalls Valentine’s Day-Themed Ceramic Mugs Due to Fire Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Target Stores
How to tell if your product is affected

March 1, 2016 (16111)
United Pet Group Recalls Top Fin Power Filters for Aquariums Due to Shock Hazard; Sold Exclusively at PetSmart
Ambient Weather Radio

March 1, 2016 (16110)
Ambient Weather Expands Recall of Radios Due to Fire Hazard
Location of serial number under white cover

February 25, 2016 (16729)
Viessmann Recalls Gas Boilers Due to Fire and Carbon Monoxide Hazard (Recall Alert)
The Smartstove logo appears on the pellet stove’s control panel.

February 24, 2016 (16109)
England’s Stove Works Recalls to Repair Freestanding Pellet Stoves Due to Laceration Hazard